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What we did
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
UX/UI Design
Brand Guidelines

We created Spark to democratize entry into a notoriously closed industry: medical aesthetics. Demand for aesthetic medical treatments in the US is greater than the ability to administer treatments, so we designed a solution that would educate and guide qualified professionals into a new career.

A New Identity System

Working closely with the client team, we developed a brand identity rooted in the idea of guiding individuals on a journey. The aim was to direct users through the platform while helping them discover content that might shape the future of their careers.

Content Creation

In addition to designing the brand and building the digital platform, we shot and published a bespoke photographic library and produced a wide range of video content that could take users directly into the world of industry-leading healthcare practitioners.


Of components and variants

An atomic design system built to scale.


Pages, flows, and prototypes

An extensive template library developed to streamline design and workflows.


Design patterns

Internal team can define or change color, typography, and effects.


Building on research, user insights, and detailed audience personas, we created a platform with a tiered structure of content that caters to different users depending on their entry stage. We wanted to ensure that all users experience a premium and frictionless journey through the site, as the platform is a primary touchpoint for the Allergan Aesthetics ecosystem.


Active Users

And it continues to grow.


Treatment Visits

More users, more treatments.


Gift Cards Purchased

Connecting our community.

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