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Turning one brother’s dream into a reality

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When Anil Sethi heard the devastating news that his sister, Tania, had been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, he left his high-powered position as Apple’s Director of Consumer Health Strategy and Engineering to become his baby sister’s full-time carer.

Unfortunately, Tania died later that year, and it was then that Anil discovered information in her medical records that could have extended her life if only it were more readily available to her clinical team.

Anil was determined that no one else should go through that again and set about creating a system to house all a patient’s medical data in one place and accessible to everyone who needed it as a legacy for his sister.

Ciitizen is the result—a digital platform that allows a patient to collate and share vital medical records securely and puts them in control of their data.

Anil brought us a vision and a wireframe—we set about bringing it to life.


Forget everything you know about healthcare.
Your life. Your data. Your choice.

Working closely with Anil, we developed a new, user-friendly identity for Ciitizen, one stripped bare of needless detail and embraced minimalistic principles.

We were inspired by the design principles of Dieter Rams and the utilitarian aesthetic of brutalism.

Universal Design System

Ciitizen can be used as a white-labeled product by a range of medical institutions yet remains free of charge for patients. With these needs in mind, we needed to build a modular system with flexibility at its heart.

The app needed to house a huge range of complex medical data and make it accessible to a wide range of users.

Custom Wikipedia Experience

Using Wikipedia for inspiration, we set about creating a simple user experience that was easy to navigate, easy to edit, and easy to upload large amounts of data.

Web Prototype
App Prototype
Live Demo
Search & Share
Offer Hub
Trial Enrollment

Research and Prototyping

Designing for Ciitizen gave us huge insight into the complexity and sensitivity of medical processes and records, such as Continuity of Care Documents (CCD), that contribute toward the complex web of data that contributes to each of our medical records. Data that, if overlooked, could have serious repercussions.

We needed to create a visual system that was easy to use for patients and caregivers yet was rich and detailed enough for medical professionals to make informed decisions and access to documents to enable clinical trial matching.

Four days before she died, Anil promised Tania that he would do everything in his power to kill cancer in our lifetime and put patients in control of their health data.

It was only fitting that Tania was able to help bring her brother’s vision to reality.

We were kindly given access to her detailed medical records to test our prototype system before thoroughly stress-testing it with anonymized patient data with other health conditions.


“Anil Sethi is a man on a mission to save the world. We’re honored to help him hit the mark.”

— Donny Smith Chief Design Officer
San Francisco, CA



Chris Johns

Donny Smith

Hanna Edghill

Chris Stephens

Nicole Hampton

Jocelyn McArthur

Matthew Sanders

Ciitizen continues to be at the forefront of the industry and is ever-evolving. Its aim is to empower people to take control of their medical data and push for excellence in clinical care.

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