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Allergan Data Labs was created in 2019 as a data led innovation unit within the wider organization. In it’s short tenure, the impact of the team has been significant and lays foundations for the future of technology, product and marketing across the business.

We were asked to create an identity that would excite and inspire existing employees, attract new talent, and act as a rally cry for transformation and change.

The Process

Navigating a complex network of stakeholders was critical to the success of this project. To ensure a democratic and user focused outcome, we quickly developed three creative directions to explore.

Then we sourced a group of existing and potential hires, shaped around the core capabilities of the team; product, engineering & marketing. We pushed a survey out to this group to understand what’s important to them in the context of the organization they work for, and also to understand which creative direction resonated most with them.

A clear selection was identified and we set off developing the full identity, assets and a digital home.


The Website needed to be simple and packed with personality. An information rich landing page was structured to highlight the core capabilities and tools that A-DL operates on. Paying particular attention to the technical abilities within the team. Big bold copy and graphics help call out key sections and drive users through a compelling product case study and into a careers page showcasing available roles.


Of components and variants

An atomic design system built to scale.


Pages, flows and prototypes

An extensive template library streamlines design to development workflows.


Design Patterns

Smart color, typography and effects styles already setup for internal teams to use.

A new identity system

The Brand Identity aims to show abstract visualisations 
of the intelligence and data from within A-DL products and services. Technical graphics are met with colorful and friendly iconography, creating a balance between data and human interaction. The contemporary and innovative creative direction focuses on:

- Making the complex simple
- Foundations in data
- Symbols & structure
- Human touch


Active Users

And it continues to grow.


Treatment Visits

More users, more treatments.


Gift Cards Purchased

Connecting our community.

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