A time for industrial superheroes

GE Digital is putting industrial data to work, providing software around the world to five key industrial sectors: Electric Utilities & Telecoms, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Aviation. During a year of complete global upheaval due to the pandemic, GE Digital’s software and teams were tested to new extremes. To celebrate this we created a superhero theme for their first virtual Annual Conference.
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Motion Animation
Event Assets
Programme Assets
Social Assets

Scaleability & Individuality

Celebrating the unprecidented efforts from 4,000 employees, operating out of 48 locations across over 100 Countries was critical to the success of this 3-Day Virtual Event. Where possible we focused on the human stories of key people from key regions who’ve made the most impact, bringing them into the story and program.

Creating a new world

We created a character and environment for each industrial sector, leveraging an illustration style more familiar with superhero comic books and movies, slightly softened for a corporate audience. The characters and worlds were bought to life through motion animation, event assets and social assets.

A global digital audience

Cutting edge discussions around DIgital Twins, Humble AI and Talent & Technology drove the agenda with over 40 virtual sessions delivered across three days and a global audience tuning in to hear from the leaders from each industry sector.