Brilliant You

Investing in the future of business through human capital development.

What we did

User Research
Product Strategy
UX + Visual Design
Product Development

Our Approach

Working with General Electric’s in-house design, innovation, and learning & development teams, we developed a design strategy and system that provided the foundations to create and build this complex internal content platform.

With a user base in excess of 300,000 people globally, and a wide range of internal stakeholders to navigate, we had to design an accessible product that would adapt to languages and regions around the world, considering myriad user scenarios.

Making the complex, simple.

Brilliant You is a complex ecosystem of pre-existing content, ongoing user generated content and a network of third party content providers. Our design had to be able to adapt across all these sources and inputs to create a simple, clean and unified user experience - for creators and viewers.

Rolling out to over 300,000 employees in 2019.