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Air Company’s world changing technology facilitates the production of the purest ethanol on the planet - from air. Their production process cleans harmful carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and pushes pure oxygen back out into the environment - cleaning the air we breathe. And if that’s not impressive enough, all of this is achieved with renewable energy sources.

Making science cool

For every litre of Vodka produced using Air Co technology, 1lb of Carbon Dioxide is removed from the air we breathe. Traditional vodka production on average per litre pollutes 13lb of of Carbon Dioxide into the environment. Dr Stafford Sheehan developed the process through many years of research, on partnering with his co-founder, Gregory Constantine, we began working with them to bring their vision to life.

Much more than Vodka

Vodka is just the beginning. It’s proof of concept that the technology works and is scaleable. The opportunity to disrupt multiple industries from Spirits to Fragrances and even Fuel are real. And the opportunity to disrupt the negative impact carbon dioxide has on human life is even more exciting.


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