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News / GE Vernova: Presenting complex systems with clarity to inspire investor confidence
Chris Johns
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GE Vernova: Presenting complex systems with clarity to inspire investor confidence

2023 is a transformational year for GE, as it spins out into three new companies. As part of the 2023 Investor Conference where the focus is on building confidence in the business strategy and the new companies, we were asked to design the visual materials to support the GE Vernova story.

GE Vernova is a new company, uniquely positioned as an industry leader electrifying & decarbonizing the world. The complexity of the world that it operates within required simplification for the purpose of the Investor Conference.

Working closely with the GE Vernova Brand team, on behalf of the CEO of GE Vernova and GE DIgital, we developed a 3D illustration art direction for print and digital assets to showcase the interactions involved in the flow of electrons through the GE Grid Orchestration ecosystem. 

The illustrations demonstrate how an electron moves from a wind farm to a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) platform, converting it from single AC to DC and back to AC, connecting it to the transmission system and ultimately reaching homes, businesses, and offices.

The result, a seamless presentation and library of 3D assets that can be leveraged across the business in multiple use cases and scenarios.

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