Validation Sprint

Designing, Testing and validating new ideas quickly

Validation Sprint

There’s a difference between what people say, and what people do. Traditional research approaches help us understand what people say - our approach helps us understand what they actually do.

We develop concepts quickly and test for behavioral signals from the real world. Then if we validate the concept with positive feedback, we progress to developing an MVP for further testing and validation.

Six Weeks
Six Stages

Real Outputs



Fast paced brainstorms to refine and deliver concepts for testing.



Production of concept creative assets and any supporting test materials.


Test 1

Production of concept creative assets and any supporting test materials.


Test 2

We refine the process after identifying areas of interest.


Test 3

Hyper targeted research and analysis with direct consumer dialogue.



Summary of insights and results outline validated product concept and roadmap.

Real World Feedback

There has never been a better time to learn from your customers. We have built a fast-paced methodology that allows us to gauge the perception of future product roadmaps in a short amount of time, in real situations, in front of real customers. No longer do you need to speculate the reactions of your target audience.If you want to know what people like, let’s see if they like it.

We seamlessly integrate real-time, real-world consumer data into our decision making process.

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