Reducing risk & uncertainty in new venture development

What we did

Brand Design
Product Design
Rapid Prototyping
Testing & Validation
Business Case Analysis

The Challenge

Test the hypothesis that there is a demand and opportunity for a portfolio brand of better-for-you alcohol products.

Prioritize a list of product concepts that could exist under the portfolio master brand.

Develop an understanding of:

— Audience Personas
— Product Appeal
— Brand Positioning
— Brand Messaging
— Go to Market Strategy

Traditional research helps us understand what people say - often in an incentivized environment.

Our approach helps us understand what they actually do - in the real world.

Testing new venture ideas

Our venture design process is focused on gathering data and insights from the real world to inform creative and commercial decisions.

We build high fidelity prototypes and push them out into the real world. Targeting specific audiences we attract them through a hyper-focused conversion funnel, measuring interactions at each stage of the process.


Social media ads target strategic audiences with a range of messaging & value propositions.


Each ad drives traffic to product landing pages which invite users to find out more. View the test site here.


A simple call to action of ‘Find Near Me’ acts as a strategic milestone for product interest,


Another CTA alerts the user that we’re brewing up our next batch, inviting them to submit their email to know when it’s ready.


Before exit, we ask users who’s submitted their emails to take a short survey about the product.

Social Sentiment Analysis

We’re testing brand messaging and product concepts in the real world, with real people. Which means we get real feedback, in real time.

Amongst other data sources, we’re able to analyse social commentary and activity to help us understand sentiment toward the brands and products we’re testing.

Real-time feedback
From real people

For Wild(ish) we saw a high level of social activity and commentary, with lots of group interaction. This data plays a key role in building a holistic understanding of the market opportunity and how to approach it.
Likes: 2,537
Comments: 183
Shares: 1,151
Bookmarks: 1,291

A snapshot of what we discovered


The portfolio test outperformed all individual product tests, validating the hypothesis that Wild(ish) could exist as a portfolio master brand.

We were able to clearly identify a go to market plan, including product roll-out phases.

Overall, the brand appealed predominantly to a female, lifestyle audience and functional brand messaging had the most impact.

350,000+ People

Engaged in the test campaign, delivering a significant build on the traditional focus group size.

6x Increase

On conversion rate against industry benchmarks highlighting a significant interest in the Wild(ish) brand & product portfolio.


Engagements on social media helped us understand priority products to roll-out, what messaging is most effective and who our primary audiences are by product.

300+ Surveys

Were completed (unpaid), providing a wealth of qual and quant data to inform insights and decisions.

The Result

A strategic roll-out of a real product available in stores across the US:

Wildish Website

Wildish Instagram

Wildish Facebook