Dollar Shave Club

Designing a subscription startup that looks and feels like a billion bucks.

What we did

Product Design
Brand Design
UX + Visual Design
Product Development
User Research

The Approach

An icon of the direct to consumer startup revolution, Dollar Shave Club disrupted the established male grooming category by offering a great product, at low prices, delivered straight to your door.

Our team has been central to the development of the Dollar Shave Club success story from infrastructure and system design, brand and product development, through to sub-brand strategy and portfolio development.

Digital Product

The power of the unforgettable value proposition had to be matched by a seamless, enjoyable and user friendly customer experience. We were at the heart of the digital platform design & development which created the frictionless D2C customer experience that helped propel Dollar Shave Club to the scale it now operates.

Physical Product

From sign up and subscription registration to the receipt of physical products in the hands of our customers. We carefully mapped out detailed user journeys and crafted design solutions that delivered against the core brand values and transformed how millions of men go about their daily grooming ritual.

Original Content

A brand building content platform, offering tips, advice, guidance and style for male grooming.


Warm and friendly iconography running across all assets as visual direction for customers.

Get Ready to look,
feel and smell your best.

Bold, sharp focus, no-frills photography reinforces the brand value proposition and hero’s the everyday man.

3.2 Million Subscribers,
and growing.

From concept to a $1BN exit in five years.