Developing a new corporate-backed venture concept, designed with the freedom to operate as an independent startup.

What we did

Venture Concept
Venture Strategy
Founding Team Search
Team Selection
Operating Structure

The Approach

We worked with Coty to develop a new venture concept and model, designed to push beyond traditional beauty production, distribution and customer expectations.

The insight: There are a wealth of aspiring beauty entrepreneurs with great ideas and limited resources.

The challenge: How do we create a platform that can connect aspiring beauty entrepreneurs with access to Coty’s production and distribution power to create a mutually beneficial exchange?


Create Your Line

Aspiring beauty entrepreneurs sign up and create their own beauty brand & product range via a customizable digital interface.


Generate Interest

Promote your beauty brand and secure pre-order quantities that unlock a full production run.


Launch Your Brand

Brands that unlock production are added to an exclusive store dedicated to supporting aspiring beauty entrepreneurs.

Open Beta

The concept was tested via a process of signal mining across social media platforms amongst our target audience to validate the strategy and positioning.

Following this an open beta version of the concept was launched under the name Beauty Crush. This was a live test & learn phase created to develop and refine the concept in line with real customer desires.

The Future of Beauty

Following a year of open beta testing and production cycle development, a new platform was launched as the next stage of the evolution of the venture, Beautonomy.

A customizable and personalized platform for anyone to create a range of beauty products designed to their own skin tones and tastes.

The result, a real company that works: