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A better way to design a new brand identity & brand operating system

Brand Specialists

Realize the business value of brand design with our unparalleled expertise. Where innovation and a premium aesthetic combine with systems and structure – we take our clients on a transformative journey that turns ideas into captivating realities.

How We Do It

We craft extraordinary brands in partnership with our clients, seamlessly blending their vision with our expertise to create a captivating and authentic brand identity. Expand each section to see a step by step guide of our process.

Discovery Research and analysis

We start by understanding the product, service, category, competitors and audience we’re focusing on. Our approach to research and analysis and the level of detail required is conducted in line with client needs, then synthesized to inform a coherent brand strategy and positioning.

Strategy Brand positioning

Guided by the research, we develop the brand strategy, combining in-depth market analysis and consumer insights to precisely position your business. By aligning your values with the aspirations of your target audience, we not only create resonance but also ensure a lasting and indelible mark in the market, establishing your brand as a compelling and trusted presence.

Exploration Inspiration and approach

As we move into the visual phase of the brand sprint, our strategy and positioning, along with the category, competitor and audience research informs the development of a range of potential creative directions to inspire us and drive progress.

Design Concept and direction

At this stage, we’re getting into the detail, presenting up to three developed creative directions for discussion and consideration. Each with their own unique identity and art direction, our goal at this point is to present a range of concepts from comfortable, to category defining.

Refine Perfecting the route

We reach an agreement on a single creative direction to develop out into a complete brand identity. Comprehensive brand guidelines are developed along with the necessary assets to bring the brand to life in the real world.

Delivery Assets and content

The final phase of the process dials in the detail of the brand identity and associated assets into a brand operating system (OS). We collaborate to select the best tools for our clients, and set up a brand OS ready for hand off to internal teams – handing you ‘the keys’ to your new brand identity and brand OS.
Brand Identity

We work with you to define a clear and inspiring vision, mission, values and visual identity for your business.

Brand OS

We work with you to choose the tools and systems for your brand operating system to be built on, ensuring it’s centrally managed, efficient, collaborative and scalable.

Targeted Approach

A centrally managed, globally distributed, brand operating system.


Our system, structure and process allows us to spend more time on strategy and creativity.


We accelerate productivity, delivering each phase efficiently and consistently.


We make it easy for your organisation to use your new Brand OS and realize the business value of brand design.

“Brand loyalty now centers around digital interfaces – never before has a consistent and scaleable Brand OS been so important”

— Chris Johns Founder & CEO, Bttr

Brand Spirit Packages

Choose from our three brand sprint packages, each one tailored to the stage of the journey you’re on:


A fast-paced journey through our six stage process to get to a minimum viable brand as quickly as possible. Giving early stage ventures a premium identity and strong foundations for scale.

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Basic Asset Templates


Your venture has found product market fit, and it’s time to invest in a Brand Identity and OS that helps define your personality and proposition within your category. Creating greater competitive advantage with a strong identity that builds trust and value.

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Custom Asset Templates
  • Custom OS Setup


For established products and services looking to evolve or completely transform their brand – the complexity of scale requires attention and the need to move with your consumers and culture has become a reality.

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Custom Asset Templates
  • Custom OS Setup
  • Digital Experience Design

Our Brand Sprints are competitively priced, with every package you can expect an experienced, collaborative team working to a proven program tailored to deliver innovative brand solutions that not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Our Work

See some of the brand identities we’ve created.

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